‘Fez’ and ‘Mark of the Ninja’ coming to the Mac with Humble Bundle 9

The latest Humble Bundle is here and brings big surprises to the Mac. This ninth installment focuses on Indie games and marks the debut on Mac and Linux of two critically-acclaimed titles.

Mark of the Ninja, the stealth-action game from Klei Entertainement (makers of Don’t Starve) is finally  available on the Mac. The game has been doing a lot of noise on PC and Xbox Live and now we can finally see what it’s all about. You can name your price for Mark of the Ninja, along with Trine 2: Complete Story, a beta of Eets Munchies, and Tim Schafer’s heavy metal epic Brutal Legend.

Fez, Polytron’s Indie superstar, is also making its debut on the Mac. Match the average price paid (currently at $4.56)and you’ll get this lovely retro-game, as well as the brilliant roguelike-inspired space sim FTL: Faster Than Light. Fez was briefly announced for the Mac some months ago and after months of radio-silence, we are happy to finally see it come to our favorite platform.

Humble Bundles are great deals and the Humble Bundle 9 is no exception:

All games run on PC, Mac, and Linux, your money can be divided between developers and the Child’s Play charity however you want, and if you pay over $1 you’ll get a Steam key that will add each title to your library.

The Humble Indie Bundle 9 is available until September 23rd. I sincerely recommend this to everyone, as it not only has brilliant games, but also supports charities and helps Indie developers promote their games.

Via The Verge

  • Chris Tallant

    Fez, Mark of the Ninja, and FTL are the clear “Must Haves” out of this pack.. The rest aren’t bad, but Trine and Trine 2 I haven’t played since AppStore had them on sick discounts the first week they appeared. As for Brutal Legend, well, once you beat it on one system, the jokes aren’t much funnier on subsequent operating systems. I can now say, with the exception of Wii, I have Brutal Legend on every console or PC in my house.

    • http://macgamerhq.com/ Mac Gamer Ric

      Humble Bundles are usually pretty good but I really feel this one is specially good. FLT, Fez and Mark of the Ninja are all VERY GOOD games, indie or not. The rest are fine but those 3 alone justify the purchase!

      • Chris Tallant

        This is the first Humble I’m telling friends they have to buy. $5 for some of the best indie games out there? No question. I just smack them when they ask “but Why?” “Stop playing Candy Crack and install a REAL GAME.” /smack.

  • Chris Tallant

    Update: Bastion, Limbo, A Virus Named Tom, and Rocketbird added.. This is now the greatest bundle of indie games ever with FTL, Fez, Mark of the Ninja, Bastion, and Limbo all touted as the best indie games ever created.
    Still UNDER $5.

    • http://macgamerhq.com/ Mac Gamer Ric

      Thanks for the update man! Writing about this as we speak!