Last week we learned that Feral Interactive is bringing F1 2015 to the Mac (which was announced by accident). It turns out, they are also bringing Dirt Rally to the Mac.

Dirt Rally is the latest rally game from developer Codemasters and it’s supposedly their best entry yet. In fact, some even call it¬†their best racing game to date (don’t forget that their games include the F1, Grid and Dirt series). It’s supposed to be hardcore, complex, and satisfying. And I can’t wait to give it a go.

The game will include over 40 of the most iconic and relevant cars from yesteryear through to modern day and six massive rallies with over 70 stages.

When it comes to the Mac port itself, it’s still not official yet, but the facts are indisputable.

First of all, Dirt Rally’s Mac version was spotted on Steam’s Database.

Dirt Rally Mac

I know, that is a leak and should be considered a rumor only. Still, it does mean that someone is working on a Mac version for the game:

  • 310571/config/oslist: macos
  • 310571/name: RP11 Content
  • 310572/config/oslist: macos
  • 310572/name: RP11 Main

Still not convinced? Just two weeks ago, Feral’s infamous radar (which shows cryptic images to represent upcoming games) showed a new entry:

Steam radar

Turns out, “spacious skies” is a line from America The Beautiful. And America The Beautiful was originally a poem called Pikes Peak, which is a course in the game. I obviously couldn’t have come up with that, but luckily the guys over at the IMG forums are good with these things.

So there you have it. You can count on me to update this article as soon as the news become official. In the meantime, stay tuned (but do not buy the game until the Mac version is release!).

Are you a Codemasters’ fan? Did you enjoy Dirt 3?