This isn’t a new rumor. I first covered this in May 2016, but we never heard from Feral Interactive. Until last week.

We knew Feral was working on Dirt Rally’s Mac version. But now that they officially announced it for Linux, we know it’s really coming. And just like the next iPhone, the only question remaining is when.

Feral just went on record explaining why Total War: Warhammer and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided are still missing on Mac. You can read their detailed explanation, but all you need to know is that Apple’s Metal API is the problem. It seems the API is not quite ready and developers such as Feral can’t properly optimize their ports.

This isn’t official concerning Dirt Rally, but it is clear the same thing is happening. Feral is struggling with the Mac version and, as it doesn’t know when Metal will be ready, it prefers to announce the Linux version only. And as they said:

It’s likely you’ll see games for Linux and iOS popping up, but that doesn’t mean we’re putting any less effort into bringing games to Mac.

Should Feral at least acknowledge the existence of a Mac version? It’s a tough call, but I would prefer to at least know they are working hard on it. Unless this becomes another F1 2015 catastrophe.


Why we want Dirt Rally on Mac?

Dirt Rally is the latest rally game from developer Codemasters and it’s supposedly their best entry yet. In fact, some even call it their best racing game to date (don’t forget that their games include the F1, Grid and Dirt series). It’s supposed to be hardcore, complex, and satisfying. And I can’t wait to give it a go.

The game includes over 40 of the most iconic and relevant cars from yesteryear through to modern day and six massive rallies with over 70 stages.

Dirt Rally Mac

So there you have it. You can count on me to update this article as soon as the news become official. In the meantime, stay tuned (but do not buy the game until the Mac version is released!).

Are you a Codemasters’ fan? Did you enjoy Dirt 3?