Batman Arkham City for Mac 50% off (plus, exclusive Giveaway!)

Batman: Arkham City, one of our favorites on the Mac, is currently 50% off on StackSocial.

Sequel to the famous Batman: Arkham Asylum, the game that showed the world superhero games could be great, Arkham City is definitely bigger and better.

In this new adventure, Batman is imprisoned alongside Gotham’s most notorious in Arkham City, a terrifying open-air prison where violent thugs and insane super-villains are incarcerated within heavily fortified walls. As you probably guessed already, Batman will have to discover Arkham City’s true purpose before it’s too late.

Arkham City is not only one of our favorite Mac games, it currently stands as our Number 3 Best Rated Game so far! We were definitely not shy in our review:  “Batman Arkham City is a must buy for Mac Gamers. A few minor technical hitches can not take away from this experience. Rocksteady & Feral Interactive, you have done it again!

This Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition includes all the downloadable content available, counting Harley Quinn’s Revenge (a standalone story set two weeks after the events of the main game) and the Nightwing, Catwoman, Robin, Arkham City Skins and Challenge Map packs.


Our Exclusive Giveaway

In partnership with our friends over at StackSocial, we have one Batman: Arkham City for Mac copy up for grabs! All you need to do is use the widget below to participate. The more actions you perform, the higher your chances to win:

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At the end of the giveaway, on Friday November 22 at midnight, one random winners will be selected.

For the details concerning this deal, check out the official sale page right here.

Are you a fan of Rocksteady’s Batman games? Are you planning on getting Arkham City?

  • pandiosity

    The apparent feeling that Mac is a secondary thought when it comes to AAA games.

    • Mac Gamer Ric

      Not sure I understand what you mean :S

      • pandiosity

        What I mean is it feels like games seem to be developed first focused to Windows and then a Mac version comes out as an afterthought.

  • Al Valentyn

    I think he means that we’re always an after though. No multi platform development from the start.

    I think they’re just afraid of making money really. If indies can manage it from the start, so can the larger companies. They’re just too afraid to move away from DirectX, as there are no solid figures to project sales on Mac, and even Linux.

    Although looking at the IndieRoyal, and HumbleBundle it seems Mac gaming is always increasing. :)

  • Kevin Hung

    My current problem is the lack of time to play all the games I own! Seriously!

  • Michael

    My problem is waiting for a game to port. I’d like a game to be released simultaneously with PC like the new BioShock Infinite DLC.

  • Adam Martin

    My problem is gaving to wait for my bootcamp partition to start up so I can play my W****ws only games.

  • David Munch

    Wooohooo! Batman rocks!