Arma 3, the open-world tactical shooter from Bohemia Interactive, is available for Mac in beta form. And against all odds, many users claim that performance is more than decent.

The rumors became a reality when Bohemia Interactive confirmed they were teaming up with Virtual Programming to bring Arma 3 to Mac and Linux. This happened a few months ago, but now you can actually download the beta and give it a go for yourself (if you already own the Windows version on Steam). 

However, Bohemia insists that this beta doesn’t mean anything and the whole project could be cancelled at any  moment:

We have outsourced the development of (experimental) client ports of Arma 3 to Linux and Mac. These are available (beta) as a complementary service to anyone who owns Arma 3 for Windows. It is not guaranteed these ports will ever graduate from their experimental betas. We will be evaluating the popularity of the betas and any issues they may reveal.

Bohemia keeps calling this experimental, but I still find it hard to believe. Why on Earth would they suddenly throw away a working beta and waste all that work (and money)?

And so the list of most anticipated Mac games keeps growing…


Native Vs. non-native

Bohemia also confirmed that the game won’t be native. And just as pointed out by our friends over at Gaming On Linux, who cares? If the Mac version is stable and runs smoothly, who cares about how the port was made. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a perfect example of a non-native port done right.

That said, Arma games are infamous for being extremely demanding and Arma 3 is no exception. I haven’t had the opportunity to give it a try on Mac (mainly because I’m moving out and my Mac Pro will be on a box for a few weeks…), but some Reddit users claim that performance is good.

You can count on MacG to give it a shot as soon as possible and see if that Mac version is worth your money. In any case, do not buy this game if you plan to play it solely on OS X.

One word of caution: Wait until the port is officially released or you risk wasting your money.

Are you an Arma 3 fan?