Author: Ric Molina

How to play Windows games on Mac

It’s so common to hear Macs suck for gaming. “There’re no games to play!”they say all the time! But the real problem isn’t trolls saying this. What bothers me is that most people (and even some Mac users) believe Mac gaming is non-existent too! Well, this guide is meant to clear things up. Macs are perfectly capable gaming machines, if you know how to use them. You will be surprised with all the ways you can use your Mac to play pretty much every PC-games out there. In this guide, we will cover all the methods available to play games...

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Borderlands 2 Mac Review

Borderlands 2 comes to the Mac as one of the biggest releases of the year. Not only was Borderlands 2 received with great reviews back in September when released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, it was also brought to the Mac only 2 months later, not common feet in the mac gaming world. Borderlands 2 was developed by Gearbox Software and comes to the Mac by the hand of Aspyr, one of the leading Mac porting companies. In a nutshell, Borderlands 2 is a different breed of First Person Shooter. It follows the steps of the original Borderlands, bringing you FPS...

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Call of Duty Black Ops Mac Review

It has been almost 2 years since Black Ops originally went on sale for PCs and Consoles. By the way, PC gamers are actually counting the weeks until Black Ops 2 is released. Again, we mac gamers suffer, but that’s another story. Black Ops for Mac was released the 27th September 2012. Getting back to the game itself, this is a fine Call of Duty game. If you are a fan of the series but own neither a PC nor a console, you should definitely grab this game. It is a more complete and evolved package than Modern Warfare, the other...

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