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Prepare for an improved Mac Gamer HQ!

This comes way too late but… I wish you a great new year! Hope 2017 will rock for you, especially with lots of new Mac games to play! 😉 I have to say, 2016 was a great year for Mac Gamer HQ and myself, so I can only hope that 2017 will be just as good. 2016 was a record year in terms of traffic and content. Our most popular resources ever were published in 2016: 100 Best Mac Games, the release of our Count It app and our brand-new benchmark page are just some examples. Traffic wise, Mac...

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Zombie shooter, Dying Light, now available on Mac

It’s official: Dying Light is now available on Mac. The news comes straight from developer Techland, who has confirmed that the Mac version of the zombie-killing game is now available on Steam. Plus, this is the Enhanced Edition we are talking about. Called Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, this special edition takes the whole game to the next level. It includes a massive expansion pack, a year’s worth of DLC, improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and more. Also, I’m glad to see Techland went the extra mile and delivered the key features all Mac ports should have. Dying...

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The Best Mac Games of 2016

The Best Mac games of 2016 I think you’ll agree with me when I say: 2016 was a great year for Mac gaming. Every year Mac gaming gets better and 2016 was no exception. First of all, there’s the sheer quantity of new games released (did you know there are over 3,000 games for Mac on Steam alone?). But who cares about a bunch of unknown games? What is really impressive is the quality of the best games released for Mac this year: GameNameGenreRequirementsPC MetascorePrice range FirewatchFirewatchAdventure🔥 High81$$ XCOM 2XCOM 2Strategy🔥 High88$$$ Civilization 6Civilization 6Strategy🔥 High89$$$ Rocket LeagueRocket LeagueSport⚠...

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Mac App Store Games are finally getting decent Multiplayer: Introducing Calico

We’ve been over the “what’s the best store to buy Mac games” question before. Short answer: It depends. Usually, gamers will either go for the Mac App Store’s simplicity or Steam’s features. I tend to recommend the Mac App Store because it’s so easy to use, but the lack of decent Multiplayer features was becoming harder to ignore and it was a shame that Mac App Store gamers had to give up on multiplayer altogether. But that should finally change, as Feral Interactive officially launches Calico, its online game-matching service for Mac App Store games. Calico is a custom...

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The 10 Best MacBook Games

The 10 Best MacBook Games I get it, you bought a MacBook because you wanted a flexible and easy-to-transport computer that kicks ass. Still, I bet sometimes you wish you had something a little faster. Just enough to run a game or two while on a plane or a long train ride. Well, I have some good news: Your MacBook is capable of playing some incredible games. Don’t get me wrong, though. Some compromises have to be made when playing games on laptops that focus on mobility first. This year’s latest and greatest are mostly out, but you can still...

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