Author: Chris Tallant

The 20 Best MMORPGs for Mac

The 20 Best MMORPGs for Mac I bet you’ll agree with me on this one: It’s really hard to keep up with MMO games. It’s tough to stay on top of the new games, pricing changes, abandoned games, etc. But don’t worry, this updated guide will give you a detailed overview of the best MMOs right now and answer the question: What is the best MMORPG for Mac? As we sometimes want different things from Massive Multiplayer Online games (for example, many hate freemium games, but I think some are excellent), this list will be varied. They are all terrific MMORPGs,...

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Company of Heroes 2 Mac review

The field of WWII games on the Mac is somewhat crowded. With all that is already available, one might wonder if we need another contender, much less a sequel. But Company of Heroes 2 is not just any sequel, it’s one of the most intense and in-depth WW2 strategy simulator ever made, taking the reigns from its older brother and charging forward. I’m not dismissing any of the classic WW2 games such as Call of Duty, Silent Hunter, IL-2 Sturmovic, Brothers in Arms, etc. But CoH2 is a real-time strategy (RTS) game where skills on the battlefield make the player feel...

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Command And Conquer Generals Mac Review

Some games have a legacy where the mention of the title sparks memories of fond gaming hours passed overtaking your enemies’ bases with sheer firepower blasting across the screen. Command and Conquer (hereafter known as “C&C,”) Generals was one of the first strategy-based war games that allowed network play with advanced 3D graphics while putting players against each other in head-to-head matches involving huge multiplayer maps. Originally released for the Mac in 2004, Aspyr has updated the game to run on the latest Mac OS and re-released it exclusively on the Mac App Store, including the the Zero Hour...

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LEGO: The Hobbit Mac Review

The LEGO franchise loves to re-tell some of the best and most epic series of fiction, allowing fans of all ages to act out their favorite scenes and live as the hero or villains from popular stories. The massive scale of Tolkien’s world becomes available to wander around in LEGO: The Hobbit. The game is a follow-up to LEGO The Lord of the Rings and is based on the first two Hobbit films An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug. LEGO: The Hobbit for Mac was ported by Feral Interactive and was released on December 18, 2014. Get it from the Mac App...

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Space Hulk Ascension Mac Review

Developer Full Control proves that when it comes to the Space Hulk franchise, they are fans first and foremost. After the first iteration of Space Hulk, the public screamed to the heavens. They didn’t like that the digital representation of their beloved board game didn’t meet their (too high?) expectations. But Full Control listened to their critics and decided to polish, tweak, paint, adjust styles and speeds, and put it all into free updates. And now they’ve one-upped themselves with this incredible Space Hulk Ascension title, containing all the updates, DLC, fresh options, and new fixes that solve even the problems...

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