Created close to four years ago, Mac Gamer HQ was mainly a one-man thing. But things are changing and nowadays I’m lucky to get some help from passionate gamers and a few paid writers.

As you can imagine, hosting the website, buying tools, and paying freelancers require some revenue. And as discussed before, it’s becoming increasingly harder to make it online. No wonder all Mac gaming sites have shut down…

My mission is to make Mac Gamer HQ the exception. To make it bigger than myself. If you want to support the efforts, you can do it quite easily (and it won’t cost you a dime).


Want to support Mac Gamer HQ?

If you want to support Mac Gamer HQ, you can help out by doing two things:

  1. Use the links found in our articles when buying a game. Many are affiliate links.
  2. Bookmark the following links and use them whenever you will purchase a game or App (or anything else on Amazon):

Using these links will not change the fact that you will always pay the same price everyone else pays, yet each purchase will earn a small commission for the site.

I think this is a great, free way to support us if you enjoy our work here.


Forging alliances

Are you interested in joining Mac Gamer HQ or becoming a partner? If you can answer yes to any of the below questions, please let me know:

  • Do you have serious experience creating videos? Your contribution will be rewarded with a fee. The fee won’t be as big as Eurogamer’s or the like (because it will come from my own pocket), but it will be reasonable.
  • Is there a Tech or Gaming related website that you manage or simply write for? Mac Gamer HQ needs more friends out there and it would be great to work together. We can discuss the how and when later.
  • Do you happen to be a student and have access to a university blog?

And if you answered No to all three questions but still want to join the team, let me know too. The adventure is simply starting and you can be part of it.