With over three years, 329 posts and over 661,000 visitors under its belt, you could assume Mac Gamer HQ is an established website. This blog grew exponentially, reaching close to 50,000 monthly visitors in only one year. The future was bright and full of promise. One year later, where is it? 70,000 visitors? 100,000? I get (drum roll please)… 35,000 monthly visitors. Two years in, I expected more.

My unrealistic expectations aside, the sad reality is that this blog is stalling, scratch that, it’s slowly dying. And it’s all because of me. But let me tell you the good news: I will make it up to you and do everything I can to bring Mac Gamer HQ to the next level.


My Pledge to you

You’ve heard it before, but this time, it’s for real: There will be noticeable changes around here, and I’m going to tell you all about it.


Man on a Mission

It all starts with a vision:

Before the end of the year, Mac Gamer HQ will be the number one Mac Gaming source and will have the impact to attract more developers.

It won’t be number one because it says so in the tag line, but because it will offer the best resources out there. Period. Want the latest releases? Check. All the games coming soon? Check. What about finding out what games run well on your Mac? Double check!

The blog will offer the latest news, the best resources and the most useful guides. Hell, one day Mac Gamer HQ will even give you tools and apps to let you know exactly what are the best games for your Mac (mark my words).

Mac Gamer HQ will have so much to offer that no matter who you are, beginner Mac user or expect, casual gamer or hardcore, you will unanimously agree that Macs can game and everybody is wrong about Mac Gaming.

This is why I built this site in the first place. Clueless fanboys keep saying that Macs suck for gaming. We don’t need to prove them wrong, we don’t care. We are here to help the poor guy who just got a Mac and taught that he had to give up gaming.

That will be step one. Step two of the Master Plan will take place soon after: our Voice will be strong enough to convince more developers to join the platform and help Mac gaming grow some more.

That is the mission, now let me tell how it’s going to happen…


More and better content

Mac games PodcastThere will be more and better content. I’m sorry this one took so long. I truly apologize. From now on, you can count on me showing up. Every week. You need more consistency and you deserve it.

From now on, Mac Gamer HQ will offer 2 articles per week (always, this week included 😉):

  • A Review or Gameplay video every Monday
  • A guide, resource or opinion piece every Thursday

If you ever see less than this, please send me an angry email and put me in my place (BTW, I read all my emails).

Besides consistency and more content, I will do my best to bring better content. I’m in serious talks to start a Podcast and plan on doing interviews with developers and publishers. You’ve heard me say this before… But the big change is that I’m working hard to find more contributors (in fact, if you’re interested, keep reading) to help put this plan on motion.

Consistency is a good start, but in order to get real, this place needs something else.


A word about Transparency

This blog was made for you and you deserve to know what’s going on. From now on, you can count on me being more transparent.

To get things started, I can tell you this is mostly a one man show. I’m lucky to get help with reviews, but 95% of what you see here is done on my spare time. Like everybody else, I too have a day job (I work for Volvo in France) that I moderately like, but have to keep because blogging doesn’t make a lot.

Between my day job and Mac Gamer HQ, time is very limited. So much so, that I find myself with less and less time to actually play games! During this two-year journey, I’ve learned that I enjoy running this blog as much as I like gaming. It’s a balancing act, but as I mentioned before, I’m working on something to improve that (more on that in a moment).

Speaking about Money…

Many of us get started with blogging thinking that it would bring fame and fortunes. But reality shows it’s ugly face early on. Most blogs rarely make any money at all. I can tell you first hand that 40,000 monthly visitors don’t mean crap when it comes to earnings.

Between Google Adsense and some affiliate sales (mostly from Apple’s Mac App Store and GamersGate), this blog brings around 180€ per month. On the other hand, it costs close to 50€ minimum to run, with many months costing much, much more (when I have to get a new theme, plugin or service) – and excluding the many hours it takes each week.

Besides those pathetic earnings, I honestly hate how Google Ads look. I’m actively looking for ways to replace them with something more suited for the blog, and above all, more helpful to you. No matter how I turn it, Affiliate sales are the best alternative. Every time you buy a game through one of my links, the blog gets a commission and you still get the best price out there. This way, Mac Gamer HQ gets cash from the stores and you keep yours to buy more games. Everybody wins.

If you feel like helping out, just buying your games through my links will go a long way.

My dream of dedicating myself 100% to this blog is still alive. No day job, more/better content, more interviews, more fun…


Let’s make it a team effort

From all this rambling, please remember one thing: I need you to take this blog to the next level.

I made several promises and I will do my best to keep them. That’s the first step. However, to really grow, Mac Gamer HQ will need you.

There are two ways you can help:

  • Become a part of the team: I can’t describe all the “positions” there are or the thousand ways you could directly contribute to the site (don’t be afraid to just ask me). But I can tell you this: If you are interested in writing (Reviews, guides, opinion pieces, everything is possible), doing videos (narrated or not), help launch the Podcast, create graphics (images for our articles for example) or even help me figure out how to code our future tools, get in touch with me here.
  • Become an ambassador: Want to get involved but don’t have time to create content? That’s fine, there’s a bunch you can do to help me spread the word. First of all, subscribe to the newsletter. That’s the inner circle, where all the important stuff happens. After that, you can share my articles on Facebook and Twitter, tell your friends about the site, and above all, tell me what you think about the site and how it can be improved. Your feedback is golden. These actions may not sound like much, but it all goes a long way, trust me.

It’s impossible to say where this will take us, but I know that it will be a fun ride. If any of this resonates with you, subscribe to my newsletter and join the other 2,000 Mac Gamers sharing this ride.