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Mac Gaming Manifesto

Mac Gaming Manifesto: My pledge to you

It is true that most resolutions never stick, but I still believe there's no better time to pause, reflect and regroup. I've been talking about changes for months, it's finally time for me shut up and do it! With over two years, 329 posts and over 661,000 visitors under its belt, you could assume Mac Gamer HQ is an … Read More

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Best Free Mac Games

The 10 Best Free Mac Games

Looking for the best free Mac games? It doesn't matter if you're broke or you just love free stuff (who doesn't), Mac gaming has plenty of quality free games to offer. In fact, there are more than enough options to satisfy you, whether you like strategy games, First Person shooters or else! Free Mac Games are also a … Read More

Geometry Wars 3 Mac

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Mac Gameplay video

Want a fun game to play (at a decent frame rate) on your old Mac Mini? Or perhaps on that shiny new Macbook Air of yours (without the fans going all crazy)? If so, Geometry Wars 3 is exactly what you need. Geometry Wars 3 is as simple as it gets. You control a little spaceship, you move with one joystick, you shoot … Read More

Most Anticipated Mac Games

The 52 most anticipated Mac Games

Before we get into the good stuff, I would like to thank you all for the emails, comments and tweets you sent after reading my Mac Gaming Manifesto. I don't always open up like that and I'm glad to see you as excited as I am for the future. Speaking of which, I believe it's time we focus on one of the pillars of Mac … Read More

Transistor Mac Gameplay video

Transistor Mac Gameplay video

Note from Ric: This Mac Gameplay video comes from Camilo Lopez, one of Mac Gamer HQ's newest contributors. How can you top a game like Bastion (one of our Top 75 Best Mac Games)? That's a question that no developer in the world would like to answer, yet Supergiant Games gave it their best shot with Transistor, their … Read More

This War of Mine Mac

This War of Mine Mac Review

Note from Ric: This Review comes from Steven Marx, one of Mac Gamer HQ's most loyal reviewers. A war game where you don’t see the war, a resource management game where the resources are literally a matter of survival, and a survival game where your odds of surviving are pretty slim, This War of Mine has the … Read More

Total War Shogun 2 Mac

Total War: Shogun 2 Mac Review

Age of Empires is a great game, but if you’re more of a general rather than an economist, it doesn’t quite do the trick. But worry not, for Total War: Shogun 2 is exactly what you were looking for. Shogun 2 sticks to the Total War script, delivering real time combat with turn based tactics. As most of the Total War … Read More

Dirt 3 Mac

DiRT 3 Mac Release Date Revealed!

It's official, DiRT 3 is coming to the Mac later this month. Feral Interactive just announced that DiRT 3 Complete Edition, the definitive version of the award-winning off-road and rally racing game, will be released for Mac on January 2015. Developed and published by Codemasters for PC and consoles, DiRT 3 is … Read More

Best Mac Games Christmas

The best games to get for your new Mac

Got a new Mac for Christmas this year? It's never easy to get started on a brand-new platform, but I have some recommendations for you so you can get started with Mac gaming right now. Below, you'll find some of my most popular resources, including some detailed round-ups and vast lists with the best Mac games out … Read More